Nice combo

Just had a great show on the weekend at the Liedjesmakersfestival in Almelo with these two legends: Madelief van Vlijmen on double bass and Mathijs Leeuwis on pedal steel



Just when I thought things were slowing down

Shows galore down-under with Lucie Thorne this year. Nice opener coming up soon here in The Netherlands with Pokey LaFarge (see SHOWS). Recording loads as well but more on that when Im in the clear and can step back and see what Im actually making. In the meantime here's the latest.



Australian tour in the making

People down under starting to call and email me - allways nice to have folk contact me for shows than the other way around! Very cool show just confirmed for 1 September in Brisbane at MUSIC BY THE SEA. Looking at doing some recording in July with Matt Walker & Lucie Thorne and will very likely add a few shows to that! More later!



2017: not a bad year

Looking back, 2017 was pretty good really. Ridiculously good album reviews, a couple of TOP 10 albums of the year listings and some very cool shows; The Dashville Skyline Festival in NSW, The Oerol Festival, Paradiso in Amsterdam, Doornroosje in Nijmegen, The Spotted Mallard in Melbourne. Tasty gigs as they say in the business. The highlight though was definately opening the Rambling Roots Festival in Tivoli, Utrecht (See above photo - thats me with Madelief van Vlijmen on bass at that show). This is strange in a way because when I heard we were the first act on I immediately concluded that no-one would be there at 3 in the afternoon of an international festival that was going to go deep into the night. So I got quite a shock to walk onto the stage to find the big room packed, and even more incredulous to experience  the audience waiting on every word from the very first note. Just one of those magic shows. Thems the right kind of surprises. Hope 2018 brings a few more moments like that.

Thanks everyone for everthing. All the cool players Ive made music with this year, and anyone else who had a hand in helping my music into the public arena. Im grateful for every second of your time and energy. PEACE




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